The University of Prince Edward Island is currently developing an Islandora 8 Research Data Management (RDM) Platform that focuses on enhancing Islandora 8 to add features to support the research data lifecycle: planning, deposit, publication, citation, sharing, and preservation. The first release of the Islandora 8 RDM Platform, planned for Q2 of 2020, will support the migration of existing Simon Fraser University (SFU) and University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)  platforms and will include collaborative cloud-based shared microservices.

Islandora RDM Conceptual Framework
                                                                                               Islandora RDM Conceptual Framework

The Islandora 8 RDM Platform will include research data management features with a national linked data focus, bringing together external, locally managed, and shared services applied throughout the research data lifecycle. The development of the Islandora 8 RDM Platform includes the following features:

  • Metadata and Discovery
    • Data Object modelling
    • Integration of ontologies
    • Publish to external sources
    • Enrich from external data sources
    • Expose for harvesting
    • Surface in external services
  • Federated Repositories / Interoperability
    • Leverage Fedora’s and Drupal’s RESTful APIs
    • Integration with cloud-based processing services
    • Integration with DataCite
    • Integration with ORCID
    • Simplified deployment
    • Multitenancy
    • Scalability
  • Data Deposit and Curation
    • Improved support for large files
    • Simplified deposit and curation workflows
    • Form-based data management planning tool
  • Preservation
    • Fixity auditing (Automated checksum creation and validation)
    • Migration tools to support import and export of content
    • Preservation planning and actions framework
  • Data Privacy and Security
    • Access control and permissions
    • Support for emerging regulatory frameworks like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Persistent IDs/Citability
    • DOI creation framework
    • ORCID integration
    • Citation generation
  • Data Access and Analytics
    • Data can be downloaded
    • Data visualization
    • Metrics integration

Islandora 8

Islandora 8 is an open-source software repository solution designed to help organizations collaboratively discover and manage digital assets using a best-practice, standards-based preservation framework. The latest release, Islandora 8 is a solution for institutions and organizations who want an extremely flexible and configurable preservation repository with increased discoverability for its users. Islandora has been installed by a diverse community with over 200 recorded installations worldwide.

Islandora 8 integrates the Drupal Content Management System (Drupal 8) and Duraspace's Fedora Repository System (Fedora 5). The types of content currently supported by Islandora 8 include Collections, Images, Audio, Video, PDF and allows other types of data to be modelled as Binary. The Islandora 8 community is planning support for Books, Newspapers, Serials, and “Compound” Objects.  

Islandora 8 allows you to create nodes, media, files, and taxonomy terms in Drupal, which are converted to RDF and pushed into a Fedora repository. It also allows you to connect repository content with microservices, small webapps that transform files to other types for display or preservation, or to extract additional metadata.

Islandora 8 Components
                                                                                                                                                 Islandora 8 Components